Hi, I'm Adriana. This blog is dedicated to my favorite band, MGMT. They make sexy music that sounds like a heavenly chorus of laughing baby angels sliding down sparkly rainbows. On Unicorns. So therefore, you should follow me. Now scroll down, and enjoyyy(;

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New MGMT interview!

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The Garden at Chop Suey in Seattle 10/15/2014

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Ugh all my friends are off at university drinking and partying and having a good time with their new friends and living their lives and I’m just kind of here sleeping and watching tv alone and struggling with basic community college courses and pretty much regretting my every life decision since freshman year of high school :)

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AM | Alex’s rogue sunglasses during I Wanna Be Yours at Firefly

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Pregunta Infinitum a MGMT

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